HydraPak® Water Reservoirs

Canada's Source for Hydrapak Water Reservoirs

Smart, Safe, and Reliable. Hydrapak has the water solution for all of life's adventures. Whether you plan on running a marathon, summiting a mountain, or just making it through a weekday; Hydrapak has something for you.

Water Reservoirs

This is Hydrapak's beginning. Their water bladders are built for the journey and provide hands-free hydration whenever you need it.

Water Bottles

A natural evolution to Hydrapak's soft and flexible Water Reservoir. Hydrapak water bottles are perfect for daily use, a secondary water bottle to stuff in a pocket, or attach a Katadyn BeFree membrane and filter water in the backcountry.

Soft Flasks

When you are on a run, quick hydration is necessary to keep chugging. Hydrapak's soft flasks are designed to be lightweight and will keep you at peak performance.

Water Storage

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