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Fenix Flahslights

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fenix Flashlight - Illuminate Your Adventure Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to announce the completion of the Fenix Flashlights product line section of our website. Fenix has been a brand that we have carried for a number of years, and because of their high quality, high performance, and innovative design, adding their products to our new site had become one of our top priorities.

Fenix Flashlight - Illuminate Your AdventureCanada’s Source

As Canada’s source for Fenix Flashlights we intend to have their entire product line on our website, and for the most part, now do. If there is a Fenix product that you cannot locate on our site, please ask, and we will quickly add it. In addition, we maintain on site inventory of our top selling models and accessories so that they are available for immediate shipment.

Please click here to to be directed to our Fenix Flashlight section. By default our website displays products by price from low to high. As a result, the first products that you will see are the accessories. Please use the filters to quikly find the right Fenix product for you.

About Fenix

Fenix is a leading outdoor sports lighting brand and innovator of high end LED products both in Canada and around the world. Their products are widely used in the fields of hiking, camping, industry, law enforcement, military, search and rescue, and every day use and carry.

Fenix origins came from a group of your men, passionate about high quality illumination tools but unsatisfied with the lighting products at that time. They set out to make a perfect flashlight, even the best flashlights in the world.


Fenix Options

Fenix offers several styles, sizes, and outputs ranging up to 6,000 lumens. Styles include traditional handheld flashlights, angle head lights, tactical lights, headlamps, bike lights, lanterns, and more! In addition, Fenix carries accessories for their lights, including batteries, chargers, traffic wands, tactical remote pressure switches, and more!

We hope you enjoy the Fenix Flashlight section of our website. If you don’t already own a Fenix Flashlight, we know you will love it once you do.

Fenix Flashlights

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