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A Great Time to Buy for a Short Time

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I hope everyone’s summer is going well. Here in Southern Saskatchewan we have had a beautiful summer. Unfortunately the hot weather and little rain has resulted in large forest fires for our province to the North, but based on the latest news, most of the fires are now under control.

A quick note on the depreciating Canadian Dollar.


Most of the products that we sell are imported from the US and we purchase them in American Dollars. With the quickly depreciating Canadian Dollar those products are becoming a lot more expensive for us to import. Don’t worry, we will continue to bring in and stock the same great product offering from the same great brands, but we will soon have to increase our prices to make up the currency exchange losses.

Right now is the ideal time to buy as we have not yet increased our prices. I’m not sure when this increase will happen, but I do know it will be soon as many of our prices are at or below cost. Many of our prices have not been adjusted since the Canadian Dollar was at par with the US Dollar.

Please note, after our upcoming price adjustments, should the Canadian Dollar regain its strength, we will once again adjust our prices down.

Thank you, Stapleton’s Great Adventure Company

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